Email 8 Sept 2013

Bula sia na noqu matavuvale!

What a week it has been and what a week it will be! So this last week was the Terry’s last week, and they are flying to Suva today, and then from there, leaving back home! So after emailing, we will be meeting them at the airport. It’s sad to see them go, but we do have a new senior couple up here, Elder and Sister Leishman. We have only met them once so far picking them up from the airport, but they seem really nice!

It is true! The mission is exploding! The new intake is 22 new! So it will be the first intake to pass ours of 19! And not just 6, but 9 new areas have been created! However, that village we opened was not one. That is still part of the Seaqaqa area, who are in our district, but we have had a split in our own area! We so far have been working in both the Labasa and the Naduna branches, but now we have another set of Elders coming up and they will take all that we cover in Labasa (which is most of our current investigators) and we will be covering just the Naduna area. It will not be fun handing over our investigators, including Eta, Jaidendra, Jessica (the Naryan family), Ashneel and his family, and a few others. But it will be a fun challenge to try to build the Naduna branch! So throughout this week the moves will take place and we’ll get the new missionaries!

So that is the big excitement of this last week! We had an extremely large transfer called in this last week, and the intake arrived today! The 3 other sets of missionaries will all be training!  And Elder Moka is still too, so our whole district will be training! The Lord really is hastening his work!

Funny thing, the word “mate” in Fijian is death or to die. But grog I believe is much worse. Missionaries get sent straight home for drinking it. It hasn’t been declared officially by the church in the word of wisdom, and so someone can still get baptized if they drink it, but if we feel like it is an addiction or too frequent we won’t baptize them. We teach against it, church leaders are told not to drink it and we report it to the mission president if we see it happen, Apostles have taught against is and said it is wrong, etc. I hate it. It destroys families. So hopefully people will realize that and give it up. It’s tough just because it is the Fijian culture.

Yahoo for Angela! They look like a really nice couple! Yahoo for John Harr too! And Riley is adorable! He’s looking like he is getting big already!

That’s most of what I have for today. We did get some great lessons in, but few.

I love you all! Tell everyone in the ward thank you for me and for there constant prayers and support! It is all greatly needed!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

 DSC00164 DSC00177

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