Email 15 Sep 2013

Bula Sia!

Yes you are right. It has been busy. We have had a fun week of introducing the Leishman’s and the new set of Elders to the area. We are currently sharing our flat with the new Elders, so that has been fun too. We have a lot of good missionaries out here! Elder Leishman was a 70 (not sure which quorum), and he is extremely smart and knows church leadership well. He is exactly what we need in Naduna. At the moment, we have very little work up in Naduna, but we are seeing a potential for it to explode up there. While our new branch presidency is very young and has next to no experience in church leadership (or the church itself), they are showing a lot of excitement and Elder Leishman has jumped right into training them! (and Sister Leishman has jumped right into training primary and relief society teachers!). We are finally starting to see a structure take place in the branch.

We are really working on getting the auxiliary programs running. Me and Elder Moka have taken focus with the youth. We were speaking with a sister and introducing her to the personal progress program because we had thoughts and hopes to get her to be the Young Women’s president. But before we could even bring our idea up to the branch presidency, they called her to that exact spot! They were inspired! She was blown away and thrilled for it!

We are also working on organizing an activity and fireside to add further fuel to the small fire that has been started here, with focus on missionary work! It should be great.

So yes, all of the new missionaries are doing great! Our entire district has seem some incredible changes! And the Leishman’s are doing great as well. It was sad to say bye to the Terrys. They did so much work up here and we got very close with them, but they did their job and now it is time for the Leishmans. Elder Terry looked, and didn’t see any names from the pedigree chart I gave him, but he says that if he went back a little further, then it would be very possible to find a connection. They live in Las Vegas.

As for myself, I had a fun encounter with a shark! No, I was not swimming, the shark was named tuna and he lived in a can. I got a pretty nice deep cut in my thumb. Probably the deepest cut I’ve ever had, and it sure liked to bleed. But with pressure and holding it up in the air long enough, the bleeding stopped. Once I drank some juice and didn’t feel as light headed, we were able to go across the street to the doctor who lives there! All is well, just keeping it dressed and taking antibiotics! I’ve also been getting behind in my journal because it is difficult to write. I am extremely grateful for thumbs now…

That fruit is called koko, but that one was apparently a bad one. I am told it is the best tropical fruit there is, but that one I got apparently was a bad one. So hopefully I’ll be able to find some another day… It still looks really cool though!

That’s what I got this week! It has been a great week! Thank you for the constant emails and support! I love you mother!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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