Email 21 Sep 2013

Bula Re!
I have definitely seen so many people here that just look sad, lost, or as though they have no self worth. I love testifying that they have divine potential as a child of God. It is one of the greatest doctrines we have!
The Leishman’s are doing great things. They have just jumped right into training and telling the members and leaders straight up what they need to do, should do, and shouldn’t do! And then they leave it to them to do it! And the branch has been especially humbled lately and are really willing to learn. Before it seemed as though they thought the elders are just kids are sent on missions to make them grow up and that they don’t know anything, but lately, they have been a lot more willing to accept direction from us and to ask us questions. They are learning and gowning so much already!
Our activity for this coming weekend will be great! We are excited and are going to get a lot done. We are doing training for the members to help them do missionary work, then inviting everyone from all over the area to come to an activity with sports and food. We are hoping to get several new investigators out of it and members sharing the gospel! Which is much needed. At the moment, we have nothing else going out there.
We are still working with Paula, and one other family, but that is it. Paula is doing great. He has come a long way. He still has a little way to go, but he has a great testimony and it will help pull him out of the habits he has had so that he can get baptized soon! We are really excited for him. The other family is very strong catholic, but they are nice and welcome us in their home. We have been sharing a bit with them and they have told us that they love what we share, but they have been baptized once and will not get baptized again! We are working on that. They seemed pretty set in not changing. But last week we had a lesson in which the mothers brother was visiting and sat in. We reviewed the restoration and the Book of Mormon. He asked a few of the typical but intense questions, and we answered very boldly and directly, not beating around the bush! This is the only true church and it is the only church that can perform baptism so they do need to be baptized again! She said it was hard for her to accept what we taught, but she likes having us over, then we left. A few days later, we spoke with their neighbors, who are members, and they told us that the brother went and spoke to them after asking a little more about what we taught. He then told the rest of the family that they needed to listen to us and that he felt it was time for them to all change. “This is right” he said. We haven’t been able to see them yet, but we will see what they say this coming week.
As for our branch, there are no YM, but there are about 6 YW. It is presently all Fijian, but that will have to change at some point, because majority of the people in the area are Indian.
And yes! I did get the calendar! Thank you Ariel! It is great! It even goes a month after my mission! So I’ll be home long before it even ends! It is really weird. I’ve passed my year mark in Fiji this last week now that I think about it… Crazy.
Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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