Email 29 Sept 2013

Bula Vinaka!

That’s way cool about the talks! God really is directing his work. We saw a lot of that this last week. I am really looking forward to conference. We’ll be getting conference a week later here again, but this time we will actually get it! We will bus our branch to the Labasa chapel to watch it, so we will be combining with them!

About the area in Naduna, Indians and Fijians in general just don’t seem to get along to well. Some do fine, but they do stay fairly segregated. Indians are primarily Hindu, but there are several that are christian, and especially in Vanua levu here, there are several Muslims. We actually had a really cool experience this week where a Muslim man from Suva called us. He was taking lessons from some sisters in Suva, but came up to visit his mother in the hospital here. He was suppose to get baptized this week, but his mother is in a sever cancer condition. He called us and we visited them at the hospital (there is more on that story on some images I will send). But later he came up to part of the activities on Sunday in Naduna branch and he bore his testimony in the fireside! It is really incredible because it is a really huge thing in the Muslim religion to change religions! You need permission from the mission president to baptize them!

But overall, we had 3 Indians, plus this man who came to the branch activities and our branch did pretty well at welcoming them and accommodating them!

So the activity went very well. Saturday we did missionary workshops for the members, where I taught about Love and Charity. Then after, we had lunch and set up volleyball and people played around and others showed up. Then, at the end, Elder Moka had put together a treasure hunt for the youth and the primary. It was a major hit! They all got into it and had a blast! Then Sunday morning we had training again for our branch presidency, then a member of the district presidency came and spoke in sacrament meeting! He gave great training! We hit a new attendance record of 36! After, we had lunch again, provided by the members, and then we had a fireside! At the fireside, Pres. Walker, counselor in our mission presidency came and him and his wife did an FHE. It was really entertaining and they loved it! Last, to finish it all off, we set up a projector and we all watch The Testaments. It was a hit. Several members, investigators, and non members!

As for the rest of the week, it was very eventful and there were a couple of other experiences that were really exciting and cool, but they are way to long to email, so I’ll be sending a couple pages of my journal entries to save the time typing! One late at night at the flat, and one at the hospital.

I love you all! Thanks again to the ward, friends, and relatives that constantly support me! Thank you for your prayers. They are felt and much needed.

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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