Hospital Experience


“So we went in and started by meeting the woman from Tavuni (sp?) and her husband that the Leishmans went to visit.  She had been flown in on life flight due to pregnancy complications and the baby was lost.  We gave her a blessing of healing and her husband a priesthood blessing.  Then, there was a woman in the next room over that saw us and asked us for a blessing too.  She had a miscarriage.  We gave her a blessing.  Then the Indian man from Suva came and took us to his mother.  She was in a severe cancer stage.  She just laid there in constant moaning out of pain.  This blessing was interesting because although the man was an investigator near baptism, it seemed the rest of the family there was Muslim.  While in that room, Sister Vunibola walked by, so we went in to visit her and her mother in law.  Due to diabetes, the mother in law had just had her leg amputated.  We gave a blessing.  It was there that we saw Siwani and Shaniel across the hall smiling and waving us over.  They told us how they were visiting their grandmother who had a recent and apparently severe stroke.  Twice while with her in that room it appeared as if she were dead.  But then she popped back to life babbling as though she were at home.  We gave her a blessing.  Seeing this blessing, the Indian woman across from her also desired a blessing.  So we met her and 2 of her sons and they explained that she had just that day had a leg amputated due to diabetes.   The sons were Christian.  so we gave her a blessing.

    We then left the hospital and returned to the Leishman’s flat where Sister Lieshman, worn out with her back and feet killing her, made a dinner for us to take back to the hospital and give to the couple from Tavuni.”

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