Nighttime Experience

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“This is where things get exciting.  About 1:40 am, I wake up to the sound of a woman talking.  At first I thought there is some lady next door out the window from our flat.  But she kept going and sounded really close, like she was inside the house.  So I turn my head to look in the room and right there, on the balcony, against the window looking in our flat, is a person holding what looked like a phone.  My heart started racing a little, but I held still, and so did Elder Moka.  We acted still asleep but watched and listened closely.  This woman was speaking what I first thought was Hindi,but she was throwing in English too saying things like “Get out of my home”. “This is my home”. “You must leave”. “This is not a blessing but a curse on this house.”  All of this while pacing back and forth and looking in through the windows.  Occasionally at the door too. Me and Elder Moka at some points got to exchange whispers as she would walk out of sight.  Maybe after what seemed 10 minutes, she made her way around the house, past the kitchen windows, and back downstairs.  Then me and Elder Moka jumped up, got our shirts on, and went to stand on the balcony to watch for her leaving through the driveway.

     So here is where I grabbed the phone and called the zone leaders and informed them what happened and asked if they knew the police number.  They didn’t.  So here is where I went and woke Elder Smith,  Informed him and asked him too.  Not a clue.  So we decide since she hadn’t left the yard yet, she was somewhere in back, that we would go down to confront her.  As we came out on the balcony again, there she was down below on the driveway staring up at us.
     I asked “Can we help you?”  No response.  Again.  Still no response.  Then Elder Moka said “ask in Fijian”.  so I asked and she responded (in Fijian) “Yes?”  I asked, “What is your name?”  She said her first name though I can’t recall it now.  I asked again, “Can I help you?”  She responds with a short story saying that there are 14 in her family and that this was her father’s home, and now they are all dead, murdered.  Then we took her house.  I responded saying “We have no idea what you are talking about”.  The she goes off accusing us of lying, murdering her family, taking her father’s home, and as we explained that we were just missionaries, she said “no, you only do evil works.”  During this, while unable to see her face clearly and her being unable to see ours well, she pointed that she knew Elder Moka was a Mauri.
   So things were just getting weirder by the second.  We asked where she lived now and she pointed somewhere.  We told her that she should go home and get rest and she said this was her home.  Then she got crazy weird saying, “I am a government trained court assassin, and you either need to leave this home or else!  I am from the CIA!”  Not sure what to say anymore, I tried guessing the emergency number and the cell phone said it was making an Emergency call.  I said I was in Labasa and they transferred me.  The line went dead.  So I tried again, got connected with someone and started explaining the situation.  The line went silent again.  But at that point Elder Moka and Elder Smith called to me and said she left.  Sure enough I came out again, and she is walking away down the road.
    We all tried to go back to bed again (about 2:20 am).  It took a long time to though.  We were all hoping and praying she was gone for good.  But she never came back. However, we found out as well that our front door was unlocked and she could have easily come inside.
    Needless to say, we will be closing our driveway gate from now on and asking Elder Hogge for a chain and lock.”

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