Email 20 Oct 2013

I hope my card made it to Andra! I sadly didn’t get one in time for Abby….  I was wondering where your email was! But you made it!

This week has been good. Spend about 3 days in Suva for a specialized district leader training. They are introducing a pretty cool new missionary program called “adjusting to missionary life”. It is a pretty cool booklet that had a map for finding the most common stresses of missionary life and things that missionaries face physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc. and then has treatment, guidelines for coping and addressing the issue. It will be pretty cool, especially for the newer missionaries that tend to face more of the stress.
Due to the trip however, we did not have much time in our area. But what time we have had (with my new companion, Elder Peery from Idaho) we have taken advantage of! Paula is still progressing well! We learned a bit more though that could delay his baptism a little more, but you can really see repentance working in him and what Alma reasoned in Alma 31:5! He has told us how some of the things we have taught him have changed how he thinks and combats temptations! It is really cool. He is taking a long time, but it is worth it to see the changes happening. We are also meeting with many of the members and working them all to temple preparation! We haven’t had a chance to train the clerk yet, but we will be working towards that. We’ll have to teach them how to use a computer first anyway 😛
That is crazy about Jared’s homecoming! That is intense how fast that went by! I’d be interested to see how thin he got! haha.

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

Here is the story about Paula a little more detailed.

Just a quick story about an investigator. We have been teaching a man named Paula for quite some time now. He is progressing slowly, but he is progressing none the less and has made incredible changes in his life. A while ago, while teaching him about the Law of Chastity, he voiced a concern he had that is common among men about keeping his thoughts clean, and how he feels he struggles there. We had a good discussion! Now, probably about a month later, while meeting him, he told us some other deeper concerns he had with the Law of Chastity. But during the lesson he told me how there was something I said in that lesson awhile back that he couldn’t get out of his mind. “Whenever you look at a girl and feel bad thoughts come into your mind, just remind yourself that she is a daughter of God, one of his children like you, and you should respect her as such.” I didn’t even remember saying that, but here he is a month later saying that it has worked in his mind and now he can’t look at a girl without thinking that. I know that was something the spirit said in that last lesson, and it is very apparent what Mormon says in Alma 31:5! The word of God is powerful.

One thought on “Email 20 Oct 2013

  1. Hey Daniel! Always great to see your blog and whats happening in Fiji on your mission. All is good here, work life, Lots of bikes, hikes, fun and studying more and more about health and proper nutrition, so as to help others be happier as well. Hate to see the warm weather fade but that’s Utah for you! Just get through a few months of cooler weather and looking forward to Spring! Always good to see the missionaries in the ward returning home. Yes, Jared Pyne is considerably thinner but looking good. Sis Rachael Richards as well. I’m certain that they both served wonderfully on their missions.It was great to hear of your experiences of teaching so many appointments with the Member in the neighboring village!Carry on and have an awesome week finding and teaching!
    Best regards,
    Dan Goudy

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