Email 4 Nov 2013

Bula Re!

Haha, and I am emailing a day late because we ended up going to Savusavu on Monday and had our zone training meeting. In addition, it was Diwali again, and everything was closed including internet shops! It is crazy to think that that was my last Diwali! I feel like I just had my first! But it is come and gone.

So this last week was interesting. We had almost no lessons with investigators, at least in our area. We did spend an entire evening with Pres. Walker (mission presidency counselor) and his wife doing training for our branch leadership and relief society president on welfare, fast offerings, etc. Even this next week we have many meetings with the different leaders set up for us to go train them and help them learn their callings! My hope is that if we keep this up, it will take work off of the future elders hands and let them focus more on finding and teaching. It is interesting. Ever since this branch has formed, it has struggled a lot. But I think we might be breaking through the struggles once and for all!

In other news, we did splits with the Seaqaqa elders. We went down to the newest area in their area, the one we did the opening ceremony for. This was intense! This was the most bush area I have worked in! There is one member there who to get to his home, we had to dress down, and hike about a third a mile through pure jungle and mud, etc. Pretty much, if you have ever imagined me hiking through jungles, this is exactly that. That home was in the middle of nowhere. However, the near village is exploding! Nakawakawa, the opened village is ready for the restored gospel! This one member is one who has the vision to baptize his entire village and actually is putting forth the work to do so. We had lesson after lesson lined up for us by him. Several there have already accepted the baptism invites, and they have over 30 new investigators down there. In the 2 days we were there, we got over 16 lessons. That was an intense experience. The mission president is working to get a set of Elders assigned to that area alone! I sure hope so! But they will be quite a way away from any real town. That area is the bush sara ga.

So that was the week here! We actually didn’t get to see Paula at all this last week. He just seemed to vanish. Hopefully we’ll get in contact again with him this next week.

Vinaka vakalevu! Au lomani Kemudou! Moce mada 🙂

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock



One thought on “Email 4 Nov 2013

  1. My son is serving in a very remote part of Fiji and we only hear from him every month or so. He has been out just over 8 months and because we don’t hear from him and don’t know much about his area, I’ve been searching the net for news or information about “Nakawakawa”.

    I was thrilled to read Elder Hancock’s email from Nov 4th where he mentions his experience in Nakawakawa. My son, Elder Johnson and his companion, Elder Goulson were assigned as the first Elders to serve in this area. They live with Pita and his family, who I assume is the one member that Elder Hancock mentions.

    They seem to be having great success in an area that has been waiting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you Pita for your work in preparing your neighbors and thank you Elder Hancock for your initial visit and for you work in opening the area for Missionaries.

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