Email 10 Nov 2013

This week was actually the best week that I have ever seen in Naduna for sacrament meeting! We sat down with Pres Setoki and taught him about preparing agendas for sacrament meetings. We are shooting for them to plan for 3 months in advance. We helped him plan the next Sunday (yesterday) and he assigned a youth speaker and a sister! Instead of the usual 3 leaders who normally speak every week. He want’s to do it by families, so he assigend one of his daughters, his wife, and himself. It was the best talks I have ever heard. They only had one day notice to prepare, but it was more than they have ever had before! And they did great! The difference was very noticeable. The talks were not just time fillers, but were really directed at helping the branch strengthen and grow. Pres. Setoki is doing so good. When he spoke, there was 0% preacher mode. Pres. Petero, the district 1st counselor, also came and gave closing remarks. I have been nothing but impressed with him. It was a miracle of a Sunday, and members noticed too. Now we just got to keep them in the habit. It was great!

That has been most of the work this last week. We have been trying tracting efforts and contacting, but have had little success so far. Still a pretty small investigator pool at the moment. We are also moving to a new flat here soon. We were trying to move all last week, but the old tenants are still there and they are having trouble getting them out. So hopefully we will be able to do that soon too.

That was really about it for this last week. We had a few other meetings with leaders that we attempted to do some training with in their assignments. We also met a less active lady and walked with her to church this last Sunday her and the several kids that came too seemed to enjoy it!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


One thought on “Email 10 Nov 2013

  1. Bula Elda Hancock
    I Cant believe you only got 8 more months that was sooo fast. Im proud of you but I know the lord is even more proud. I enjoy reading you blog although I have not been reading them for quite some time but I know everytime you do I read it, I feel good and I enjoy hearing about all the success youve had on your mission. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work. 8 months will go by even more fast. Lomani Levu

    Tyrone Khan

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