Email Dec 3 2013

Bula Nakwa! (yep, another new dialect! I got pretty good at the dialect up north, but now I get to start again! Haha.)

This is the first time I have ever been in the Nausori zone, so everything here is really new. It was fun seeing Elder Tausinga again, but we were only really together a day, and the rest of the time he has been with his family. They came to pick him up and now they are running around Fiji a bit. It was really cool, they had a baptism on Sunday (his parents didn’t know) and they came to church and got to see him do his last baptism here. So it was really cool meeting them.

The Nausori Zone is pretty sweet. A lot of missionaries that have served in our area before or have visited have told me that this is the best area there is in the Fiji Mission! I am seeing very quickly why! Our area is Waila ZL and we have a couple units that we cover coming off of the Waila ward. The two units are a ways up in the interior of the island and therefore in the middle of rain forests. A lot of driving to and fro, but it is great. The two unit leaders are really strong members and incredible helps in the work. The two days we have spent proselyting, we have picked up one of the leaders, and driven around to homes and areas they know and take us around to meet people! There are a lot of investigators here and several getting close to baptism. And one of the villages is really cool. We have to park the car, and take a small boat to cross the river. It is easily the most beautiful area I have served in yet.

Pretty much as zone leader so far, we collect the numbers from all the district leaders, we had a Zone training meeting today (monthly meeting) which is the reason I’m emailing late. We moved our pday to today and tomorrow we have our annual mission tour. Last year, Elder Hamula of the 70 came (area president), and this year Elder Pearson of the 70 (Counselor) will be coming. So that will be pretty exciting. We present an accountability summary of our zone in that meeting.

Way to go for Landon! I’m excited to meet them both after the mission! I wish I had his email. Any photos from the wedding?

Sounds like thanksgiving was pretty fun! I sure

miss turkey. We actually had our zone conference in the North for thanksgiving the day before I flew back down here. We had our Christmas party too! But since I transferred and this zone hasn’t had it’s Christmas party, I get double!

That’s about all for the moment! Yes I did finally get the Halloween package when I transferred down! Candy is almost gone already… Thanks for getting that application in again at BYU! As for the phone call, I’ll confirm that next week hopefully! I love you very much!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC01570 DSC01583 DSC01585 DSC01598 DSC01594 DSC01616


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