Email 8 Dec 2013

Bula Nakwa!

Waila ZL is just Waila zone leader. There are other Elders that cover other parts of the same ward.
I don’t have a whole lot to email about. Still just trying to figure out the area. It is a bit overwhelming at times. Not only am I trying to learn the area, but also the entire zone, which is the largest zone in the mission with 36 missionaries in it and 5 districts. But it is coming a long slowly! The mission tour was great! Mostly… Turns out the day before, while emailing last week, I came down with a pretty nasty fever. Headaches, body aches, nausea, etc. It also had some kind of worm or parasite mixed with it. So I was really sick throughout the mission tour and the training’s given by Elder Pearson. It was a really cool training for what I could focus on. And not only that, but we also had a report we did in it for our zone.
After the meeting, we had some time before we had a mission leadership council meeting with Elder Pearson that evening. So I attempted to get some rest and a priesthood blessing. That blessing said I would be able to participate in the following meeting. As the meeting approached I didn’t feel much better, but I remembered the blessing and stuck it out. As soon as it got moving, I didn’t even notice the sickness again until we left the mission home. The moment I stepped out though, it hit back as though it never left πŸ˜› But I thought it was a pretty big miracle and was extremely grateful for it. That meeting was just the zone leaders, the assistants to the president, mission president and his wife, and Elder Pearson and his wife.
Anywho, the following day the fever started breaking and I have since done the worm and parasite treatment and now my stomach is doing better again. Just on the recovery still under direction of Sister Limberg, the mission nurse.
That is all! Manakwa vakalevu!
Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada πŸ™‚

~Elder Hancock

DSC01563 DSC01567 DSC01623 DSC01625 DSC01630 DSC01636


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