Email 16 Dec 2013

Haha, yep! Trying my best to eat healthy! It is really difficult sometimes! Healthy things are generally pricey! But that will be a great help to have the emergen-c stuff. I was looking at multivitamins in the pharmacy’s here, but they are all almost $100 per small bottle. Roro is the leaf of dalo (taro is the english term). It is cooked and becomes sort of like a creamed spinach type of stuff. Tastes a bit different though. I really like it if it is prepared well. However, if it isn’t cooked enough, it is irritating to the throat and really itchy to eat…

Chirstmas is a pretty comercial thing in the city area’s. In Suva and Nausori there is quite a bit of it. Fiji pretty much follows English customs so it is still Santa and similar to back home. Out in the village and more bush areas, it is more just people going home for the school break to their villages. Only people who are decently well off have Christmas lights, decorations, etc. One member we saw had a coconut branch trimmed to the shape of a pine tree, stood up, and decorated. It was pretty cool.
Pretty much Hindu’s celebrate just the commercial part of Christmas. They all believe in Christ as a real person and as God, but they don’t follow or anything. I don’t think Muslims celebrate it at all. But Fijians pretty much all do!
So yep! Big zone. But I’ve been driving around it a bit more myself now, and that really helps me to really learn my way around. Things like that are slowly coming. I’ve been out of a Journal for about 4 weeks now, so that hasn’t been too detailed. I’m getting some info out on scrap paper, but it is crazy how difficult it has been to find a journal! Even the distribution center here has been out for the last few months.
That’s about it! Next week I’ll try and send more info about teaching and investigators! Vinaka Vakalevu!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

One more story to mention! I can’t believe I forgot to write about it!
We have a lot of fun work. Lots of cool people. We have one guy who is thrilled about the message and is begging us to baptize him! I have never seen enthusiasm to match his! It is incredible and a testimony builder. He has two weeks in a row now walked 2 hours each way to go to church at the unit in blazing Fiji weather, barefoot. His name is Lepani and he is 65 years old. He hears the commandments and feels guilty if he is not already following it and tries to quit. We have only taught him 4 times now and he learned the word of wisdom in church and is already working to get over red tea without us even mentioning it!

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