Email 5 Jan 2014


Sorry, the last two weeks and now this week even more, we are getting cut short on email time. I have several people that I won’t be able to email for the 3rd week running now. So if anyone in the family at least doesn’t get an email, let them know I’ll try again next week!
Our p-days lately just haven’t been relaxing much. Way too much to get done that it is almost more stressful. Luckily, today we organized and did a zone p-day activity and went to a really cool park area called Colo i Suva. I’ll have to try and send some pictures home next week if I get the chance. It was an incredibly beautiful area. I felt like I was walking through some crazy tomb raider jungle. But yep! Things are staying pretty busy here!
It will be nice to get that package. Part of the problem is that I think I don’t eat anywhere near enough fruit! Or veggies even. You’d think that I would have figured out how to budget money here by now to have enough to eat healthily through the week, but it is tough! Any week that I try to get more fruits or veggies, I run out of money! And yep, I am still using the B-vitamins. I really don’t know if they work to well. I still get bytes here and there. I haven’t ever not taken them consistently, so I don’t know if it would be worse or not.
Things are going well in the area! We have a baptism for Tevita this coming Sunday! And we have 3 more (Lepani, Bro Samu and his wife) set for the first Sunday in February. Work through the rest of the zone is going well! We are focusing on finding this month to try and get as many new investigators as we can. Then February will be focused on teaching and getting church attendance, so that March can be a major baptizing month. The whole mission is attempting to double it’s highest baptizing month (52) and get 100 baptisms in March.
Goal setting is great! If you aren’t working towards anything, you are working to become nothing! We have taught a couple family home evening lessons about it. Have you read the first presidency message in the January ensign about the best time to plan a tree? It is a very powerful one! If not, I recommend it! It is a great motivator!
For skyping, we were at the Bro and Sister Maiwiriwiri’s home. Waibasaga we want to try and go to again maybe. Prospects seem low, but one member says he knows several people out there, so he wants us to take him when we go. We will have to see when we will get the chance!
Anywho, that’s about it! Sorry for rushing so much! I love you!
Two more fun quick things. Our mission is doing the Book of Mormon read again starting the 20th of January, if anyone wants to join! 8-9 pages a day! (Same time frame schedule as the one I sent in June) 10 weeks! We are focusing on marking all references to Christ’s name and increasing testimony of Him through the Book of Mormon.
Also, we found out that we are having a full mission wide conference in February where Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve will be presiding! Pretty pumped for that!
I love you all! Moce mada!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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