Email 19 Jan 2014

Things are going good! It was a busy week! Lots of driving around and moving people to and fro. So that did interfere with our work up in Naitasiri. But we still managed to get up there on Thursday and Saturday. We have 4 investigators gettting ready to be baptized on the second of February. They will be interviewed this coming Saturday! This includes Lepani, still walking the long distance to church, Samu and his wife Luisa, and their oldest daughter Liti as well. All are doing well. We even still have several more coming up for the next month! Navi and Teresia, Niumai, and a few others as well. Lots of work going on!
We are also pretty excited about the zones progress in general. The first two weeks in Janurary many of the missionaries were struggling to reach their goals. But this last week we saw major improvement and progress, and it looks as though many will  be able to hit their goals. Overal, our zone has been exceeding several high watermarks for finding and teaching. Aims are set high.
I have actually had a bit of a cold thing myself. Mostly just the throat though. I got a pretty bad sore throat for a couple days. Lost my voice too to a point that I could barely talk, but I’m on the rise again and mostly just the sinuses are left! Nothing bad at all!
That is crazy about the wild fires! This is the wet season here too. I was telling our investigator Lepani the other day how it is crazy that here in Fiji, it will rain really hard several times in one day (which it had done that day), and how in Utah, it rains just a few times each year! He got a good laugh out of it. Hopefully Fiji can send some of its rain that way! Too much!
That’s about all I got to mention this week!
Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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