Email 26 Jan 2014

Ni sa Bula Vinaka!

What a week! We had a lot of good stuff go on. First off, we had a district leader specialized training at the mission home which me and my companion were asked to present a training for on becoming and effective district leader. All went very well. I always love to hear the trainings from president and sister Klinger both. In the meeting as well there was quite a bit of discussion as well on the mission goals.
With our own zone, we have really been happy with the work we are seeing. While the zone didn’t quite hit its goals in finding efforts, we still exceeded all of the high watermarks and reached new records! We have seen a lot of the areas that had been struggling accelerate as well. So there was a lot of good excitement there.
I’m doing healthier a bit! The main sore throat is going away and the sinuses seem to be going down, but every night the last week I had been getting dry coughs. All is lowering more and more though, so all is good!
As for our own area, things are going well. We did all four of those baptism interviews and Luisa and Litiana passed, but sadly Samu and Lepani both had coffee either the day before or the day of. So we aren’t sure what will happen with the baptism yet. Wednesday we will meet with them and see if they still want to go ahead and get baptized, or wait to be baptized with their father.
That is cool about the ward conference! The Lord definitely needs more and more missionaries! And better prepared too!
That’s all for now! I love you all very much!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

January 2014 District Leader Training

One thought on “Email 26 Jan 2014

  1. Scott, this is what Erik said about your son Elder Hancock in his last letter from Fiji. “Elder HAncock is a good kid. He is my zone leader right now and killing it!! I love that kid! We have grown way close in the mission so far, he is a way good guy and a way hard worker! His parents would be proud of him if they could see him. I look up to him alot!”

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