Email 3 Feb 2014

Ni Sa Bula Vinaka Saka!

Yes I did get my package! Just in time too! I have really been digging into those emergen-c’s! Fighting off the last bit of this never ending sickness and sore throat, they are coming in handy! Hopefully with them and with these anti-biotics as well, I’ll be cleared up by next week! Also, I don’t even know what to say about the rest of the package. It was beautiful. I already had the loaded baked potato pack and it was awesome. I decided to let my throat heal before I dig into the rest so I could enjoy them better!

It is a pretty small world.  There is another Elder here from Lone peak who graduated the year after me. I feel bad that I don’t recognize him from high school, but he’s pretty cool! There are a lot of missionaries serving from very close places in Utah!

Elder Schofield is pretty much the man himself. Him and his companion have been some of the most impressive progress we have seen in our zone. They are serving in a newly split area that has been struggling to get its feet moving, and both had been hitting individual setbacks with health, Elder Schofield with his back, and yet with this goal, they have really taken off and have done a lot of incredible work! They are keeping very busy and we are very impressed with what they have accomplished. They are setting a great example for their district and the zone.

So other updates for the last week, we had the baptism for Luisa and Litiana! Yahoo! It was excellent! The ward really came together and made it a great experience for them and for all the visited from our units! Several other investigators were able to make it to church too. Also, the reason for the email being delayed a day, We had our p-day moved to today so that we could have a temple trip today! So our zone went to the temple! My second time ever in the Fiji temple. It had been over a year and a month since the last time I got to go through. Great experience.

We also had our mission leadership conference this last week, and yesterday we had our zone training meeting! So lots of things keeping us busy and keeping us moving!

That is all from this end I believe!I love you all very much! What an incredible time it is to be alive and to serve!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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