Email 9 Feb 2014

Woah! Wahoo for Breana! I remember we were in the Mongolian classroom at the MTC because our intake was so large, and all the posters made me grateful that I was learning a language as simple as Fijian! Maybe don’t share that with her but I wish her good luck!

So I’ll keep this email short so I can have a little more time to try and send some more pictures that dad keeps asking for! But yeah, Elder Schofield has been in pretty rough conditions with sicknesses on top of his back, but we are doing our best to help them out too. Even his companion has got the Dengue fever, as several others in our zone are getting ill. I’m doing better however! I ended up going to visit a doctor in Suva, and after one day of a new antibiotic, boom, gone completely.
But we have Samu and Lepani set for baptism again on the 9th next month, and two others set, and a couple others hopefully on the way if they have their baby and get married!
Yep! It was new in the temple! I loved it. It was just really nice to go through again.
Happy Valentines day to you all too! Love is the Motive! Make it Christ-like! Here come some photos hopefully!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC08496 DSC08497 DSC08501 January 2014 MLC

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