Email 2 Mar 2014


This last week was pretty intense. We had a pretty intense storm come this way. Mostly just extremely heavy rain and lightning. There was pretty severe flooding in a lot of areas, which also caused a lot of road damage. It prevented us from being able to get to our area a bit.
We had 8 baptism interviews planned for Saturday, but only 3 took place. The five others, Sainivolate, Luisa, and three of their kids, were in a village that the storm blocked us from getting to. We are hoping to get to it on Tuesday. The three that did happen were Sister Leba, Samu, and Lepani. Sister Leba did not pass yet. It was a bit silly actually. She told us the day before that she hasn’t had red tea for years, but then the day of her interview,  due to a weak stomach, she drank tea to help it… But we are okay with it. We feel like she could use a little bit of extra time to come to church anyway. Next was Samu. This was his second interview, and again, he didn’t pass. He had been telling us that he was doing good with the tea and the coffee since the last interview. Then on the second, he confessed the opposite. His weakness is that people bring it to him, and he struggles to turn it down. So his godly sorrow is growing more and more. He asked for a blessing to help him. But the last interview was a success! Lepani passed! He has done well with dropping the tea and is set for baptism this coming Sunday!
Again, the last 5 will hopefully be interviewed this coming Tuesday.
My present companion is Elder Olmstead from Ogden. He leaves way soon. He is a bit excited to go home 😛 But he’s the man. I think that I’ll probably finish my mission in this area (not that I am getting trunky or anything) but it seems likely and I really wouldn’t mind! I’m not a big fan of moving around 😛
Anyway, that is it for the week. Despite all the rain and storm, all the missionaries are okay and none of the flats in our zone were flooded. Loloma levu!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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