Email 15 March 2 014


So this week wasn’t all too exciting. We taught a bit but are hitting some road blocks with some investigators. A lot of the time is just comes down to attending church. But with Samu, it has still been the word of wisdom battle. He has had the hardest time out of any I have worked with before in the mission. Otherwise, there hasn’t been too much progress there.
The real excitement this last week was that I did end up catching the dengue fever. So the few days that I was out working were tough, and then the weekend I was stuck in the flat. There was another in the zone, Elder Raju who caught it too, so we split to go to our doctor appointments and rest in the flat while my companion and his went out and worked a bit in both areas. I didn’t get anything too serious. My blood platelet level was down a little, but nothing serious. Elder Raju’s was a little worse, but still nothing too bad. At this point it is over, just worn out a bit from it.
This coming week Elder Olmstead goes home, and my new companion will be Elder Hyde, the one who replaced me up in Naduna.
Here is Lepani’s photo! Sorry for not sending photo’s much recently. I was working on backing up my last camera card again to Dvds to send home, but again, I have encountered problems with the card. I’ll try to send more photos home in the coming weeks.
That is about all this week! Gotta get out shopping for my companions last P-day in the field! Loloma levu

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC08554 Mission Leadership Council - Feb 2014 Nausori Zone February 2014'

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