Email 24 March 2014

Bula Maleka!

Yeah, it was a bit of a bummer to get the dengue, but the good news is that I am now immune completely until the end of my mission, but then after that I will be more vulnerable to the 3 other strands of it. However, by that point, I will not be in an area with dengue! I’m all well and healthy again, but just tired. They say that you can feel pretty worn out from it for up to 6 weeks. I seem to be doing alright, but I definitely feel the tired. That is a really big bummer for dad. It has motivated me to drink less soda and more clear water! Maybe try and get him up on the Vitamin C too? I’m pretty sure it really helped me fight the dengue.
Work is good! We had a visit with Samu in which we made him a calendar, discussed a new baptism date, and got his full family involved more in helping him out! We told him to get rid of all tea and temptation from his home. We also are planning to get him baptized with his youngest daughter. We didn’t know she was 8 at the time her mother and sister got baptized, but now it is confirmed and we’ll have bishop do her interview! We set him for the 13th, but we realized after that that is the day for general conference here. So it might have to change slightly, but he is much more determined and motivated now! Plus here is an extra cool story about him that I sent to Pres. Klingler:
“One fun story from this last week, we have an investigator, Samu, who has been taking lessons for awhile now and his family got baptized without him due to his tea and coffee problems. When he was interviewed that first time, he failed his interview as well as another in the area. Several weeks later he told us things were going well, but then in a second interview confessed again that he was still drinking tea. The one who failed with him however passed. So he, Lepani, was baptized and Samu is still awaiting his baptism. We took Lepani to go and visit Samu since their struggles were both similar. Then we found out in our next visit that during the week, Lepani walked 2 hours early in the morning to Samu’s home, and planted a bunch of “co-boi” or the lemon grass so that Samu could use that as an alternative to the red tea. I was thrilled at the love and service of Lepani to help Samu overcome his addictions.”
Otherwise, Senivalate is on track for baptism! He has now been off of tobacco for about three weeks, his wife is on 5 weeks now, and they will be interviewed this coming week on Tuesday with 3 of their children. Overall, with this March challenge, our zone has struggled. We seemed to be doing pretty well at the start, but so far this month we have only reached 12 baptisms, and we are even the largest zone in the mission. So that has been a little bit disappointing. However, our zone is planning on 10 more this coming weekend which will almost double our count! So we hope they all go well!
Elder Olmstead made it alright! He even emailed and gave a little info on the flight luggage process which scares a few missionaries. All the transfers went well! Elder Hyde is the man and is way happy to be in this area! It is a crazy awesome area.
As for the tortilla chips, I think it is just becuase no one out here knows what it is! They have corn. It isn’t really big at all. Most of it is pretty poor quality. But any and all tortilla chips are imports from the Americas. So I will really look forward to getting that!
The Birthday cakes look way cool! And a Huge congrats for Lauren Poet! I also via solia na vakanuinui vinaka vei April! Mo kamusu na yavamu! (Break a leg!) And that sounds like it will be a way cool conference! I don’t know if we are going to get that here, but general conference is going to come on the 12th and 13th. We will probably have to wait to watch it though until we get the Fijian translations on DVD and we will probably bring those up to the two units one week after another to watch them. Bishop is still working it all out.
I feel like the entire house has already changed since I’ve been gone too! New floors, front door, bathroom, and even the sunroom looked way different when we skype! The movie room sounds like it will be great for catching up when I get back πŸ˜‰
That is all this week! Loving life! Loving the work! Loving it all! Just trying to hasten it all as the Lord is wanting!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada πŸ™‚

~Elder Hancock


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