Release date email March 2014

So here is a copy of an email I got from President Klingler. This would be my outtake. Pretty much, coming home will be delayed for a little bit. I don’t think there are any conflicts, but I’ll wait to respond to him until next week to give you a chance to give any input if there is any!

Elders and Sisters,


If you are getting this e-mail it is because you are affected by a change in the Missionary Department process.  They are in the process of changing the timing of intakes from the Provo MTC and the New Zealand MTC so that the Fiji Suva Mission will receive transfers every 6 weeks rather than every 2 months.  The first change is for the July intake.  They have moved that intake to the 29th of July instead of the 22nd of July.  As you might expect, it would be best for the mission of we have those leaving during the month coincide with those coming in.


Unless I hear otherwise from you, I will be moving your release date to the 31st of July.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you have school conflicts or other issues you foresee with that release date.



Kenneth D. Klingler

Fiji Suva Mission President


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