Email 6 April 2014


Conference sounds great! We are going to watch all of the Saturday sessions in English here in our ward chapel, but Sunday we will see on a small 12″ screen in Lomaivuna in Fijian with our two units combined. We will also be holding a baptismal service as well afterwards! Samu, with is youngest daughter Miriama, as well as Leba. That is if the interviews go well this coming week. This baptism will just be held in the river up by the unit. So conference should be exciting! Then we have our Stake conference as well at the end of the month!
That is the summary of the last week. Last preparations for interviews and baptisms for those individuals. We also have a couple new investigators and are working towards another baptism in the coming month with Saikusa. He is great! Committed and everything. The only issue we face with him is that his son is handicap and if he goes to church than his daughter has to stay home and take care of him, and the reverse. So we are going to have to expect him to only come about every other week, which we feel for his situation would be fine, but we still want him to attend more before baptism.
There was one more story to share! I already mentioned how Lepani wanted to help Samu so he planted Co boi at his home to use in place of tea. That act of love, as well as us helping him in his farm, really softened his heart and gave him strength. This last week, he went the full distance over to Lepani’s home, and worked and helped him in his farm. When Lepani told me this I about broke into tears. The change and the growth in both of these men, especially Samu, is incredible. The joy was indescribable to see such incredible acts of Christ-like love.
I think that is about it! Work is going well! Too much to do and so little time and kilometers allowed to us to do it all with! It is tough and taking a lot of planning and patience! But I love it all 🙂 Loloma levu!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

Mission Leadership Council - March 2014

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