Email 13 Apr 2014


Conference was great! I loved it! I was a bit disappointed at first with the attendance in the main ward for Saturday. And the other elders reported it wasn’t to good Sunday either, but Saturday we watched in English at the main chapel. Sunday, we went to Lomaivuna and watched only one session in Fijian. All was really good though. I think listening to conference in your mission language is a good way to measure the success of your learning. That was definitely the most I have understood from conference in Fijian! So I still have one more session I have yet to see. I got the overall lying theme as moral courage. There was a lot about building your faith, defending your faith, and defending your morals in public and in private.
The best part about Sunday was that our bishop payed a carrier to take the Navurevure unit up to the Lomaivuna unit so it was all combined, and after conference we had a baptism service! While the main ward attendance was disappointing, our combined unit conference had 36 in attendance with 7 of them investigators. All recent converts were there too. I’ll try and get a couple pictures out! But we had the Baptism of Samu and his daughter Miriama by myself, and of Leba by Bro Qaqanisautu, the Navurevure unit leader. So it was a great service. Samu’s wife said she felt great relief knowing that her husband made it finally!
Our new zone goals seem to be working out pretty well! This last week it seems the rest of the zones hit some rough spots while our zone seemed to improve quite a bit!
I did get the Easter Package! But what I learned from a package one year ago, I can’t not open once I get it. If it is left and there are sweets in it, the ants will get to it before I do! But Manakwanakwanakwa vakalevu! I love the color of the tie! And that puzzle is the greatest! I have already been through 2 spiderman puzzles then threw them away to keep away clutter, but I don’t think I’ll be tossing this one! And just when I don’t think I care too much for candy anymore, I get some candy from back home!
Also, today we had a zone p-day in Colo-i-Suva again, so we just got back from that. I’ll be sure to send some photo’s!
Loloma levu vei kemuni! And remember, just because you have a smart phone, it doesn’t make you smart! 😉
DSC08727 DSC08730 DSC08736 DSC08738 DSC08744 DSC08763 DSC08774 DSC08778

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