Email 20 April 2014


Easter here wasn’t really too much special. I hardly would have noticed it was Easter if it weren’t for the calendar or most stores being closed today. If anything, it kind of made the Sunday not so great. It hindered transportation a lot and almost nobody came to church in either of the units.
Overall the weekend really didn’t go well at all. We managed to contact some new referrals, but some big issues came up. The biggest being with our recent baptism. We have reason to suspect that one who was just baptized (not yet confirmed) is hiding a smoking issue from us. We have asked them and they said there isn’t a problem, but a daughter told us they do smoke on a daily basis. Plus we found scraps of homemade cigarettes in their home. So we will have to confront them very directly about it and figure it out. As for his baptism and confirmation, we are going to talk to our mission president.
Another bummer this week is that the other who was baptized, didn’t show up to church! We were going to their unit and a Bishopric member came up too to preside for the confirmation, but they didn’t show up. And now it will probably be a couple more weeks before we can arrange a confirmation. Then topping it all off, we weren’t able to meet with too many people because of the holiday.
It wasn’t just a miserable week or anything like that, but just those few things made it a bit tough. We had a leadership training meeting this last week in Suva which we gave a training at. It was really nice.
That is crazy about April’s job and experience at the mall! I feel like it would just be weird to see an Apostle just walking about. Also pretty funny about Ms King! Haha, She has been there a long time! And about Moses (Mosese is the Fijian form of the name. Pretty simple), that is crazy! Yeah that would be from Taveuni. I have not been there and I doubt I will, but that is cool! Fijians love their home and home lifestyle. I could see one getting a little homesick.
That’s all that is on my mind at the moment about the last week. I really love Fijian food. Loloma levu!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC08795 DSC08805 DSC08806 DSC08850 DSC08854 DSC08858 DSC08864 Nausori Leadership Training - April 2014 #2

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