Email 4 May 2014


To be completely honest, I hadn’t even thought too much about skyping home and we haven’t really made any prior arrangements. We are going to attempt to Skype at 1pm on Monday Fiji time. I’m not sure what that converts to back home, but it will be on Sunday evening for you I believe. Now we just need to find where we are going to skype at! AH!
Rileys cake looks way awesome! I still can’t get over how hilarious the invitations were! And don’t worry about the rain! We got it all over here! haha, there has been a lot of rain fall the last couple days. But that is something you can expect being on the Suva side of the island.
That is a way cool story from Elder Snelson. It is crazy how many blessings you give while serving a mission. We have had a lot of people in our area ask for blessings and tell us later on how they were healed, pain stopped, things got better. Some times it even almost surprises me at how much the priesthood and faith work! Healing really does happen! That mostly reminds me of that experience back in Suva where we gave Michelle a blessing, and later on after I moved from the area, I was told about how she shared that from the moment we gave her that blessing and laid our hand on her head, she knew that this was the Lord’s kingdom restored to the earth. And she has since been baptized. I haven’t heard about her since then though.
So sadly we have not made it back to that village yet, but we will be going on Wednesday. We have heard however from the member who took us there that many others have asked about us and want to visit with us. Our plan is to empty my backpack, and fill it with copies of the Book of Mormon when we go back this week!
There really hasn’t been too much excitement. We did however manage to arrange for some of the ward to go with us up to the units to preside at the confirmations! We went up to Lomaivuna where we confirmed Samu and his daughter. Another member and his family went up to Navurevure, but due to an error with the carrier that was previously hired to do member pick ups, Sister Leba was not able to attend. So she still didn’t get to be confirmed.
I’m excited to report more next week on Waisere! I love you very much! Moce mada

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

Mission Leadership Council - April 2014

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