Email 18 May 2014

Bula Manakwa!
There really wasn’t much to report on. This last week we ran into a lot of road blocks and disturbances that hindered our ability to work in Naitasiri. First off was taking people and things to the hospital. We had quite a bit of illness in the zone this last week. This prevented us from going to our area Tuesday.Wednesday we got to go, but we got some other transportation assignments and other things in the way on Thursday. Plus, we had to take our truck into Asco to get it fixed (there were some fuel system problems), and they kept it the rest of the day and most of the next day. We had to take a bus back to Nausori from Suva which was actually kind of fun. It has been awhile since I have ridden the bus! But it stopped us again. Finally, Saturday we attempted to go, but with 3 days of non stop rain, much of the area was flooded and our access was limited.
Wednesday was great however! We made it back to the Waisere village and Waisake has finished the Book of Mormon! Plus, a couple of other women joined us this time and all were thrilled by the message of the restoration! One asked us about baptism and we explained being baptized the way Christ was and by proper authority. They were asking us about how they can come to attend church! Plus, Waisake himself was teaching them things we had already taught them! They are all really excited about it! It is pretty great.
We also had the baptism of Navi! We were all especially touched with the testimony he shared at the service. Now I just hope that his son and son’s wife will soon follow!
So I just finished reading the war chapters in Alma, and I had a pretty interesting connection that I made to missionary work. I love how Moroni writes to Pahoran and mentions how if there had been constant support from the government and no iniquity among the people including rebellions, there would not have been so much struggle or loss. It even results in him having to take his attention away from the major job of fighting back the Lamanites to use his strength to solve problems among their own people. In the mission it is much the same. We have our war to fight, our work to do in teaching, finding, baptizing, and it is sad that sometimes missionaries and leaders have to turn their attention away from that great work to fight and stop rebellions among themselves. Our strength comes from constant obedience and unity as a mission. It is tough when being a leader, sometimes you are forced to lose time and energy in your own area’s mission work, and to help strengthen others in theirs, for the purpose of correcting disobedience, problems, and other iniquity among other missionaries. Not to imply that our mission is having a downfall or anything. Things are going great. But I have had experiences where I have seen good time lost. We need to clean the inner vessel first before we can help outside!
I love being a missionary. I love having the chance to serve the Lord as a leader in this mission. And am grateful for the missionaries who are dedicated to this great cause and are obedient to it.


Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Aqoka (this is the simplest way I have found to spell Hancock in Fijian)

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