Email 25 May 2014


This week was pretty crazy! We had some big transfers. Elder Hyde went up to be the assistant to the president, and my new companion is my son! I’m am companions with Elder Owens again, whom I was companions a year ago. Pretty crazy and unexpected, but now we get to serve together again as the zone leaders. Most likely, he’ll be the one to “kill me off.” I helped kill my dad, and now my son kills me! haha. Well I am suppose to be his companion, but it hasn’t really happened yet. Two elders got called to replace drivers in two driving areas, and neither of them can drive! One is brand new so his licence from America counts for 6 months, but we had to teach him to drive manual in one day, then send him up to his area! The other has been in the feild for awhile and needs to get a Fiji licence. He also is pretty much re-learning how to drive completely and also to drive a manual, so I am his companion for now teaching him to drive until we can get him to pass a test to get a Fiji licence. Elder Owens had to go to his area to be a driver there. So that is that excitement!
We managed a little bit more teaching time this week, but not much. We have Sakiusa Bole ready for baptism this coming Sunday! He is someone that suprises me a lot. The entire fist month we were teaching him, I just felt he didn’t like us (because we weren’t able to give him a ride the second time we met him). But as we shared with him, he slowly softened more and more. Out of nowhere, our member present tells us he wants to get baptized! So here we are awhile later and Sakiusa has changed a lot! But it is way awesome and he is really excited.
We also managed to get two kids committed to baptism! Their mother, Sis Beitaki, is a returning member who wants to get to the temple. This is from the family whose oldest daughter passed away from dengue fever and was pregnant. They are doing well. Esava and Buna are two kids who aren’t baptized yet and we are getting them really excited! Esava is the one who told us “I want to go serve a mission, then I want to come back and be the bishop!” We are really excited for them.
Also, Waisake from the Waisere village told us that he wants to be baptized! I’m sure more from that village will follow! Due to church attendance, it will be a little bit before they can get baptized, but hopefully some will before I go!
That about sums up the week! I decided that I have one request for when I get back, and it is get the P90X workout program. I’m gonna have to work to shave off a bit of belly flub and might as well get buff in the process!
I also decided it would be easiest to get some new garments here before I leave, so I ordered 10 pairs on That way I got 10 tops and 10 bottoms for under $15! Much cheaper in Fiji!
Loloma levu! Lots of work to do and too little time to do it all!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock


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