Email 1 Jun 2014

Bula Nakwa!

Haha, yeah it probably would be tricky to make the Fijian translator! But that would be said “Marautaka nanomusiga nisucu!” or with some pronunciation help “Maraou taka nanomusinga kneesuthu.” Not really an easy or good sounding translation 😛

Haha, no worry on the package or the treats! It made it and I am excited for it! I still haven’t opened everything in it. Been way too busy! It was a crazy week. I figure I’m just going to enjoy the last of Fijian food I’ll have and then do P90X when I get back!
Interestingly enough, There use to be a KFC in Fiji! But within the year before I came to Fiji, it closed down and was replaced with SFC! They continued to use the trays, napkins, and other KFC merchandise left behind for their store too. Then just a couple months ago, SFC got bought out and is now Chicken Express, the most prominent and expensive fried chicken fast food restaurant. There is quite a bit of really good fried chicken in Fiji however that isn’t too pricey.
We are happy to report a very successful baptismal service for Sakiusa Bole! The service went very well. This was the first baptism I have performed where after standing back up from the water, our investigator just turned to me and gave me a hug. It surprised me because it didn’t seem to fit his personality, but he was happy. In addition to the service, with carriers that brought our units down, we had seven investigators attend church, as well as nearly ten other non-member potential investigators. With the success and the number who attended, it has moved the bishopric to establish a third unit in Naitasiri! In Savurua we have a member who is now at 7 months in the church, and has received the Melchizedek priesthood who will be selected to lead the unit. This will make it possible for them to have the sacrament weekly, as well as make church attendance much closer and easier for a couple of other members. It will also make attendance for 10 other investigators, including Waisake and all others from Waisere village, very easy. We are very excited and our ward leadership is going to help in providing training for the unit leader, Brother Pateresio Rokonaiveno.
With all of the excitement of Sunday, we were thrilled to see another recent convert back at church for the first time in months! Almost since his baptism he went less active. It was believed to have been some embarrassment to a little bit of a back slide he had, and even still he has been to afraid to meet or talk with us the last couple months. This is Tevita, whom Elder Lauti, another missionary, taught in Suva and was then allowed to come baptize him here in Waila. We had Elder Lauti write a letter to him and delivered it Saturday night, and Sunday morning he was there and his mother was overjoyed to see him come back too. Sunday couldn’t have been any better. Lots of attendance, lots of progress in the church! I am way excited to be part of establishing another unit in the islands of Fiji!
Thurday morning this last week Elder Tenny was able to get his licence! Which was just in time too. Me and Elder Owens were headed to a mission leadership council meeting and we were able to report that same morning the result! So now he is finally up in his area and Elder Owens and I are officially working together again.
Tomorrow we have our zone conference! And it will be my last zone conference, which means I’ll also be sharing my departing testimony. Other than that, we haven’t been able to teach near as much as we have wanted to the last couple of weeks! So we have a lot to do this week! I’m looking to finish out with a bang and there are lots of baptisms coming! Loloma levu!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

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