Email 8 June 2014


I’m really curious to see what the house looks like when I get back! Still sounds like it is changing every day! 😛 Also in the birthday photo for Alana! For some reason, maybe just the birthday, she looks like she is two or three years older! She just shot up!
This was a great week! We had a great zone conference for my birthday! It was really weird! I gave my departing testimony for it. That was a really strange experience. President Klingler departs on the 28th this month, and President Layton will arrive only that morning just before President Klingler leaves. I’ll work with him for about a month and then that is it! That mixed with the fact that I got my travel itinerary for going home. On the 31st of July at 9:35pm is when I’m suppose to arrive at the Salt lake Airport. Exactly 5 minutes before I left Fiji! about a 5 hour layover in LA. But anywho, that is just depressing stuff for me!
Work here is still booming! We picked up about 7 new investigators, all younger men staying close to Pateresio’s home. All say that they want to be baptized and several came to church yesterday! Which was also a great day because they attended church for the first sacrament to be held in the Savurua unit. So there are three small units (all tied to Waila ward). We helped conduct and train and the first service went very well! Although we forgot to get a picture with them all, so we’ll have to do that next week. Pateresio is the new unit leader and he was only baptized in December, right when I arrived in this area. So he has a lot to learn but he is a really good strong member who is working really hard.
We also have a couple more baptism dates set! Two are for this month, on the22nd of June. They are two kids of a returning member mother. They are really excited and working really hard to come to church. I’m feeling very confident in them!
That is the greatest excitement of the week! We are just thrilled about the growth and the starting of the new unit here in Naitasiri!
Loloma levu! Na luvemu lomani, ~Elda Taniela Joni Aqoka

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

DSC09202 DSC09211

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