Email 22 June 2014

Bula Nakwa!

Yep, that is right! And I think Nick Goodman will be getting back before or just about the same time as me. That is crazy to think that Justin is back now!

It is true. Here it is a very respectful place regarding other churches. For the most part among Fijians, just being christian is enough :P. I always tell them it’s a good start! But every now and again, you do run into some not so friendly faces. I can only think of two incidences were I was yelled at for being from the LDS church. A couple other times for different reasons. But there have been contentions among families of recent converts because of the church! People are generally respectful of the church until you pull someone away from theirs into yours. There are several who do seem to dislike and target the LDS church more than others, but rarely are they brave enough to be open about it with us. The most common thing is recent converts or investigators getting told behind our backs that this is the church of the devil and that devil worship happens in the temples, etc. That is my obesrvations of Fiji for the last 2 years of mission service!

The museum was good! It is only about a 30 minute drive from our area to Suva, so not bad. We tend to have to go to Suva at least once a week. As for the Savurua unit, we still don’t know how things went there. They have no phone, so we won’t find out until Wednesdaywhen we go there next. The baptisms went great though! Buna and Esava’s father came as well which was nice. He is our next target there and I think seeing their baptism will push him to go. We are about to start teaching the Temple Prep class to their mother. Other than that, there wasn’t much we could do this last week. It was a transfer week so a lot of our time got stolen by driving and transporting missionaries. We also had our zone training meeting which took more time too. We have a lot of good investigators, just they haven’t really shown a lot of effort this last week. We are working to push them forward!

That is intense about the new intake! We have been waiting to hear more about them. That will be the intake to get here when I leave! Intense. That is it for this week! Loloma levu mai na veiyanuyanu i Viti!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

(Daniel is holding the Liahona we sent him for Christmas in the one photo)
DSC09236 DSC09392 DSC09401 DSC09403

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