Email July 13, 2014


Yay! That is awesome! I know exactly who that mission president is! He was Elder Wakolo of the 70, but was released last conference and called to be the mission president in Arkansas. His home ward was the ward I am serving in, Waila. They had a farewell activity just before they left that we attended. He is a really cool man. He is also the first ever Fijian mission president! In the MTC, president Layton said he was like a celebrity because everyone knew he was the first. So if you happen to see him again, tell him he has a great mission president! Also known for obedience. On one occasion he shook an apostles hand who mentioned that when shaking some people’s hands, he should wear bandaids to cover up the tattoos on his fingers. So instead, he had the skin surgically removed (because there is now tattoo removal available in Fiji), and now has scars on his fingers because of it.
Lake Powell sounds way great! I have never been either, but I got pretty close. Just to Escalante. I bet they will love it! I’m also happy to hear about the financial aid. That will be a great help.
Raisema is doing really good. He is still making it to church as often as his aged body will allow. He doesn’t seem to confident in his ability to quit quickly. We’ll be working with him to try and help him be ready for next month. We were pleasantly surprised to see Waisake at church. We had met with him the day before, and he threw out another excuse like the last few weeks. But then he heard from the member that I only had one more Sunday to attend at that unit and asked which day it was so he knew to attend that day. I chewed him out a little and said “It doesn’t matter! You should just come to church anyway!” It may have been a little harsh, but turns out he showed up! We didn’t even attend there! We just went after church had finished from another unit.
Venaisi and Delana are doing well. They should be interviewed on Saturday and then baptized the following day if all goes well!
That is all I have time for! Short time avalible to email today! I love you!

Au lomani kemuni! Moce mada 🙂

~Elder Hancock

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